Mumbai, India, 2012

Mumbai in 36hrs

In Permanent dream state you walk through life asleep.

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Victoria Terminus, Taxis, Buses, Slums, Mumbai beach, Glory mornings with Bath and Shaving, Street and Markets, Magic and Legends. All above combined in a short and sleepless visit to Mumbai, January 2012.

Above Making a fire from the street trash. During the night homeless people are colllecting the street garbage and make a fire of it.

Quick off the mark

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus as a starting pont.

Landing in the middle of the night with very few clues where to start. First place to visit was busy Victoria Station (Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus) and neighboroughing streets.

Fast changing scene, from sleeping bodies all around the train station to cleaning the streets - collecting the trash and making a fire of it, and taking a shower and shaving with the first morning sun.

Above Sleepers, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus
Above Taking a bath in the street
Above Shaving in the street
Above Shaving in the street II
Above Newspapers time, early morning
Above Mumbai street roar, Mumbai 2012

Hitting the Streets

And the streets hitting back.

Endless walking on the busy streets of Mumbai, from known but already forgotten names of the places to unknown places to an ordinary tourist. Final destination - Mumbai beach at the and of the long day.

Above On our way to the nearest slum
Above Kids in the slum
Above Walking around the slum
Above Street Noise
Above Busy Streets
Above Lost and found in Mumbai
Above Mumbai Bus
Above End of the day, Mumbai beach
Above Early morning, Outscirts of the city center view

Beyond the Streets

Outscirts of the city center.

Above Early morning needs
Above Surrealistic view of the city
Above Workers on the site
Above View of Haji Ali Dargah from Mumbai corniche, early morning

Haji Ali Dargah

Magic and legends.

Above Visitors to Haji Ali Dargah
Above Little girl next to the the entrance of Haji Ali Dargah
Above Tales and singing inside Haji Ali Dargah
Above Haji Ali Dargah
Above Haji Ali Dargah
Above Outside of Haji Ali Dargah
Street Portraits Left Visitor to Haji Ali Dargah Right Unknown gentleman
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Mumbai in 36hrs