Deira, DXB, UAE, 2019

A Day Off

The Nature of Man, principles of movement

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The needy man, burdened with cares, still has an appreciation, energy and passion of the beautiful spectacle.

Above Workshop on Friday, Deira 2019

Resting Day

Again on the Streets like (no) any other.

Another warm sunny day, summer in Deira. Most of the shops are still closed, streets are emptier and slower than usual. It's Friday again.

Above Streets on Friday noon, with only few shops already opened, Deira 2019
Above Local and International, Deira 2019
Above Match Day, Deira 2019

The Game

Where there is a crowd and free time, there is a game.

Just couple of blocks away from the main streets of Naif, Deira, there's an empty plot between the buildings, surprisingly free of merchandise as other similiar places usualy are. Even more surprisingly, it's not used for game of Cricket as usual as one would say, the game is a Valleyball, or at least a game similar to it.

Above Valleyball on the sand, crowd perspective, Deira 2019
Above Elements of the Game, Deira 2019
Above Crowd in the small food shop next to the sandy plot, Food and Game, Deira 2019
Above Meanwhile at the roof of the nearest house, Deira 2019
Above The game lasts till late night, Deira 2019
Above Smoking line, Deira 2019
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