Deira, DXB, UAE, 2020

Lock, Stock, and Barrel

The Nature of Man, principles of movement, vol.2

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Above Street performer in his full power, Deira 2020

Complete Lockdown

Al Ras and Naif, Deira, april 2020

In the begining of April 2020, in the early stages of Covid-19 pandemic in Dubai, Al Ras and Naif - the most populated parts of Deira - were completely closed. Residents were not allowed to leave their premices, while depending on authorities and volunteers for essential supplies during quarantine.

Three weeks later, the government announced ease of lockdown.

Above Lockdown ease, Deira 2020
Above Back, Deira 2020
Above Street crowd in pandemic times, Deira 2020
Above Mandatory masks in public, Deira 2020
Above Second hand furniture for sale, street sellers, Deira 2020

Open for business

The same day when the lockown ease was announced the shops and most of local street business and services were open again, with new and ever-present restrictions and social distancing.

Above Back to the busy routine, Deira 2020
Above Barbershops are open, Deira 2020
Above Bakeries, restaurants, street shops and all sorts of services necessary for life are back, Deira 2020
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Deira, DXB, UAE, 2020

Lock, Stock, and Barrel

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