Little black photography book by Milo Sladakovic

I'm a visual man.
I watch and understand things through my eyes and heart.

Portraying People And Places with People

Dubai based Photographer | Art Director, from Belgrade, Serbia. When he's not in the middle of light modifiers and light stands, Milo is on the street with small camera, shooting people and unstaged life situations, which is his first and the biggest love.

Commercialy, Milo's main area of focus is in Editorial Photography, mainly shooting people but he also shoots Interiors and Architecture. For some reason it is still important to mention designer & storyteller, coming from creative world of concepts and visuals. Photography was just one of the ways to express and feed hunger to create for many years.




Prayer Solo exhibition, Bozidarac 1947, BPM, Belgrade 2017

In Your Eyes Group exhibition, O3ONE Gallery, Belgrade 2014


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Portion of street light by Dubai and Abu Dhabi | UAE based Street Photographers